Jenuine Cello at Plezzure Island in Galveston, TX

Visit for details, September 29th-October 1st!


Paint Jam at Empire Control Room

Improvised sights and sounds combine to paint the scene on First Sundays from 6-10pm. We’re skipping July so see you in August…Check out the Facebook invite and get involved!

New Live Video!

My dear friend Adam was at the July Solo Looping at Cafe Creme and put this video together of the show! Check it out on Vimeo.

Loopers’ Night – First Thursdays at Strange Brew

Join Jenuine Cello and Michael Garfield on October 6th from 10pm-midnight at Strange Brew Loungeside for our monthly Loopers’ Night #22! $5 cover/All ages welcome.


Jen Mulhern


Performer | Teacher | Collaborator

“My favorite sound is the silence in between the beats. That’s what I would want to be remembered for in this era of constant humming." -me
Austin, TX - Jenuine Cello, aka Jen Mulhern, is a captivating model of a modern one-woman band. Her live compositions take listeners on a road trip free from genre, saturated with an array of influences. With undercurrents of Bach, Bjork and everything in between, her music combines classically-infused inspiration with raw textures to create a unique sound of layered soulful puzzle pieces. Equipped with a cello and a mic, a somewhat beat-up looping pedal, a 6-string electric cello and knack for glitchy self-made beats, Jen Mulhern creates a symphony of spontaneous sound painting that pulls at the soul and awakens an ancient desire to howl at the moon...  Following the success of her first live DVD recording, 'Jenuine Cello live at Cafe Creme', Mulhern plans to release her first solo EP in September 2016.  Stay tuned for more news to come, and get on the email list to hear about updates first!

DVD Preview

Get a sneak peak of what to find in my Live at Cafe Creme DVD for sale in the shop!

Shout Out: Jen Mulhern

I was elated to be interviewed for the Austin Chronicle's Gay Place Blog by Blake McCoy. Check it out!
jen mulhern
  • DVD: Live at Cafe Creme – Digital Download

    DVD: Live at Cafe Creme – Digital Download

    Jenuine Cello Live at Cafe Creme

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  • Audio only: Live at Cafe Creme – Digital Download

    Audio only: Live at Cafe Creme – Digital Download

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  • DVD: Live at Cafe Creme (shipped)

    DVD: Live at Cafe Creme (shipped)

    Jenunine Cello DVD

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